Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Pyramids

Last night I caught myself thinking about a funny paradox I found in my behaviour, and the general idea behind it. There is this picture I found among various internet jokes some time ago. I mean, this one:
I naturally remembered it when thinking yesterday, because the thing I want to present is also a three-way choice between personal traits. I didn't bother to draw a new triangle, so I used the above as a template.

 This one is not meant to be funny or strikingly accurate, it's more of a problem I observe. Let's call the image pyramid of expectations, because it represents what we expect another people to be, so that we can fit them into one of the common stereotypes, such as the examples. It's not a law that would always be true, it's more like a tendency.

And now the funny paradox: having this in mind, I often hide the fact that I care so much about the world. I learned that once people know it, they tend to overlook either my success or my logic. So caring is best shown when your succesfulness and logical thinking are already proven. Still, people will perceive you less normal.

I'm also pretty sure this mechanism is really connected to revealing the fact that you care and not to me overcompensating social rejection or being in other way narcissistic. I'm only narcissistic in my spare time.

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