Monday, February 21, 2011

Game dreams

Recently I was dreaming, or daydreaming (I just cannot tell - isn't it funny?), about Diablo 2. It wasn't a great game, yet I commited a lot of my life to it. And it is important to me because it shows the two ways a PC gamer can take: single or multi. When you play d2 in single player mode, you are a loser, trying to feel the game's dramatism, which is really trashy. You follow the story, which is painfully schematic. You treasure items, which wouldn't be worth picking up on That was me. Second way is multiplayer, especially bn. There you become a player, you save time, skip quests, go only to places with best exp to time ratio or item dropping chance. You enjoy the item market and try to profit. That was also me. Path one is substituting your life for your game, creating inner life, while path two would be treating the game as a part of your life, an extension. Even a way to socialize.

Right now I'm really nostalgic about the single part. I dream of searching all the tal rasha's tombs, out of sheer curiosity. I dream of the moment I first saw rain over the meadows of act I, and I told to a friend: "wow, that wasn't in d1". By the way, that friend was just sitting next to me while I was playing, occasionally letting him play for a few minutes. We used to play a lot like that, or together in turn-based strategy games, which allowed hot seat, because he did not own a pc for a long time. But more on that later.

The point is: we're most nostalgic of the times when we were the lamest. Now, from the time perspective, I'd call my early d2 experience... innocent. Funny, isn't it?


  1. Yeah i miss my wind druid dearly :( I actually can't wait for d3!

  2. D2 was one of the best games out there. However I've had way more dreams about Wolfenstein then I have of D2... I hated the dogs man.

  3. I used to LOVE D2. Seriously, I was obsessed with that game a few years back