Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yeah, the name's kinda stupid. I can almost hear criticizing voices speaking about today's youth being unable to communicate with already existing words. Do you really think that combining two words into one will make you unique? Well, I don't. But I also didn't want any numbers in the blog's title and all the normal words were probably taken. This one just looks good enough for me.

As the title suggests, I feel nostalgic about computer games, which have been my main hobby (and, in time, addiction) for about twenty years (that would be something around 82% of my life). Quite recently I've decided to quit playing, but the games I played are still part of me. Such feeling gave me the impulse to create this place, where I can peacefully think and write about them, but also about many other stuff that comes into my mind - mostly life and excuses to avoid it. I also like to draw stuff in ms paint, and some of my drawings are so bad, they deserve to be shown to a wider public. One day I might show some here.

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