Friday, February 18, 2011

The Beginning

I started playing computer games when I was four or five. My father used to play them back then and one time I tried too. The earliest game I remember was Dig Dug, but it was some less popular version of it so nowadays I can't find any screencap. It was probably some sequel or clone, since the original Dig Dug was made in 1983 and I played mine no sooner than 1990. If you are not familiar with the dig dug concept, the internet is full of old games' descriptions.

During the first years of my gaming adventure I didn't choose my games, I just played whatever I could find at home and understand. I've had some fun with Space Commanders, which was a Space Invaders clone. I tried tetris, but I think it was too difficult or too boring (no fighting) for me. I've seen, but did not play, some arkanoid-type game. Back then we had a CGA graphics card, so everything was displayed in just 4 colors. Why cga around the year 1990, when even vga was available? Well, not for home computers affordable in central europe.

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  1. Ahh those were the good old days. I used to be able to play Dig Dug for hours on end, classic game :)