Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organ solo

I listened to the organ solo from Dead Man OST again. By the way, it's a great movie and the soundtrack is a kickass piece of music.

The organ solo starts with a slow, high-pitched sound that reminds me Modoc in Fallout 2. Its music theme also started with a slow, high-pitched organ sound. I think Modoc was the most stylish among all f2 places, partially because the music. Well, at least until it was all covered in excrement, then it became... too stylish.

Game music is also an interesting issue in general, I shall return to it.

The organ solo from Dead Man (second half of the video):


  1. YESS, I'm in love with this! haha

  2. the organ is one of the greatest instrument in the world. The Egyptian used it as a war instrument XD