Friday, April 1, 2011


Warning: this post is not about mexican food. If you are so desperate that you try to read about food then just eat some. If you read about food because you ate so much you can explode, but still think about food, then eat some more. Now, if we have that sorted out, let's get on with the subject.

For the last couple of days I felt too philosophical to think or write about games, I thought of something else instead and decided to put it on paper (and by paper I mean blog). Another warning: this post is mostly about men.

Part one: macho.

There is the macho stereotype - a man determined to posess and present some classically male, testosteronic  qualities like physical strenght, but more importantly, is overly competitive against other males and his attitude towards women is sex-oriented (unless of course our macho is gay, but let's forget about that possibility for now). That brings us to my two-point macho definition:
1. Macho's main purpose is to be an alpha male.
2. In his pursuit of said purpose, he is most likely to employ traditional means (physical qualities) and views (conservative).

Macho's hypocrisy: as a conservative, a macho typically wants a virgin-type woman (in the virgin-whore dichotomy) as his wife, which leaves his raging sexuality basically unattended. In order to have both a sex life and a family life as he likes it, he separates them, trying to engage in multiple romantic relations, often, but not necessarily sticking to just one family (it's probably related to the known fact that a secret family is harder to hide than a secret lover).

For further opinions and a little information look up macho, machismo or marianismo in wikipedia.

Part two: nerd.

To me, the word 'nerd' seems strictly attached to US culture, in which I don not participate, so I speak of nerd portrayals I have seen in films/tv and of nerd-like type of people I have seen within my own, polish culture (ha ha ha poland!). Also for this post I will be using a wide definition of the term 'nerd', which means that my nerds do not have to be interested in computer science (they're nerds not geeks), but tend to be socially and physically awkward, to be interested in some scientific or intelligence-based activity as well as having hobbies regarded as childish by typical others (I hope no specification is required). Again, visiting wikipedia's page for 'nerd' can provide further info and some background if needed.

Part three: nacho or maerd.

It stuck me recently, that I have not met as many machos and nerds as one could expect, but instead I often find something between them. A combination of opposites, a nacho - or a maerd (I cannot decide between these two names; nacho is lovable due to the food association, and also refers to latin origin of the word 'macho', while maerd looks a little celtic and sounds almost like french word for shit). Nacho's ambition is to be(come) an alpha male, but he does not stick to exploiting physical qualities in order to achieve that goal. His education can range from plain high school through technical up to PhD in science or in liberal arts. A typical maerd can be a historian or a surveyor, but could also be a bank analyst. He's not unfit, but also isn't muscular; he manifests his traditional male role mostly by fixing and adjusting stuff; he tries to present it as the most manly quality and does not attempts direct physical domination of other males. Most of the time, a maerd is right-wing, embracing both the socially conservative and the economically liberal parts, but I've seen some specimen with socialist attitude towards economy or even socially liberal (but always in a manner that would serve them). Maerds are the people who have many hobbies, and who advertise hobbies in general ("do something with your life, find out what are you interested in").

Part four: where I stand.

Nachos repulse me as much as machos do, or even a bit more, but I'm afraid they're the type of man most likely to start a family. After all, they almost always manage to acquire a steady,, at-least-average income as they manage to build a widely understandable (but challenging to many) image of self-superiority. My personal problem with them is that they do not acknowledge the existence of people too compicated for hobbies. They are the intelectual extension of the non-intelectual, typical, plain, simply competitive, brutal world. They also share the said world's love towards judging everyone else.

Part five: interaction.

I'm really sorry that you had to read all that, but am happy to announce that you have almost reached the end. I only want to ask you, how you feel about maerds (nachos) - do you know people matching the description, do you like them, are you them or are they your life partner? Do you know any professional texts on the subject that I should be aware of (I freely admit that I only spoke my mind without being a member of the sociology guild)? Do you have a comment that does not fit any of the above questions (:D)? Which name do you prefer: nacho or maerd? Or maybe would you like to propose your own?

P.S.: I chose the name 'nacho' as prime, because I wanted to write the first paragraph.


  1. I like your blog style! Keep up the great blogging!

  2. haha nice post!

  3. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  4. Testosteronic? I lold. I'm probably part of the nacho group, but like all stereotypes, not all nachos live up to all the standards. Probably a better term would be alerd or nelpha. Nelpha sounds pretty good. Dude, why you gotta be so nelpha? Perfect.

  5. Haha I prefer Nachos, so I'm in the Nacho group :D

  6. This is really a great post. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Yeah I can see how you prefer Machos over Nachos. I can't stand either, but if I had to choose I'd probably choose Machos as well. They probably be easier to kick it with, and I know quite a few.

  8. I once said something about nachos while my group of friends were choosing nicknames. FML.

    ~H. Coct