Monday, April 4, 2011

Joke themes

Jokes on the same subject tend to gain depth or funniness if presented together, so I joined together some xkcd's (also I needed an excuse to share them, as they're in my top100 of the ~900 he published.

Expanding or limiting fps games:

Also the one I posted on Jokes and Violence belongs here.

Time travel:

There's more to come, but I'll savour it. Now for something partially different: when I saw these two jokes so similar to each other, I've had an itching feeling of not knowing if one is just taken from/inspired by another, or (which is entirely probable, since thousands of people must have thought of this) two minds met, knowing little about it. It's been at least weeks now, feeling is not gone, but it did not make me do any research. Definitely something wrong with me :)

Final note: the mod idea (second picture about fps games) looks absolutely brilliant (and also postmodern) to me. I shall elaborate, but not today.


  1. Love the tetris ones.
    I *hate* when that happens!

  2. That's incredibly funny stuff. Where on earth do you grab these?

  3. hehe you got me at the tetris pic

  4. hahahaha tetris fail!


  5. I took all those pictures except the last one from

    I cannot describe the amount of greatness storaged at this website yet, since there are still some jokes there that I don't get :)