Thursday, March 10, 2011

The earliest RTSs

One of the most popular genres of PC gaming is real-time strategy. It's been born in the year 1992, when Dune 2 saw daylight. It was a little revolution compared to the completely turn-based games, but it wasn't a thunder from a blue sky. I remember Centurion (1990) had a battle module which did not allow much to do, but played in real time. Anyhow, Dune 2 is widely known as the first RTS. It looked like that:

Now, it wasn't until 1994 that a second most famous early rts game was released, and that game was Warcraft.

The two games started two biggest rts cycles - Command & Conquer and Warcraft series, each of which had their declared fans who engaged in harsh discussion in order to find the better game.

The Great Schism of the Strategy Games, which should be basically dated 1990-94, has led to a great decrease in the popularity of turn-based strategies, almost killing the genre (that may be why so many of you didn't play any).

The comparison between early rts and advanced rts will be presented in another post due to lack of time today.
Piece of wisdom:
 Experience is a wonderful thing. It allows you to recognize the mistake when you make it again.


  1. I'm not that old to have had the oppertunity to play some of the earliest RTS's. :(

  2. I remember playing warcraft and command and conquer! It was good times.

  3. I haven't played the older RTS games, I'd like to go back and try them

  4. I also played Warcraft on my AMIGA (18 years ago)

    It was awesome.

  5. I love the old school graphics, brings back memories of mystic towers!

  6. I've always been afraid of RTS's because I thought they were too hard. Only recently have I started trying them out and realizing they ARE hard, but not unmanageably so.

  7. i loved cnc and warcraft back in the day

  8. those graphics are freaking awesome! its like im there