Monday, March 7, 2011

All-time classic

One game, two names, one of the biggest influences in the gaming history. Ufo: Enemy Unknown or X-Com: Ufo Defense, that's the game I'm talking about. Every gamer, even ones starting their gaming adventure today, should play this in my opinion. Two sequels (Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse) are optional - they're more challenging, but not as big part of gaming history as the first one. Later there were many UFO clones and remakes, I played one of them, seen another, but liked neither. Recently I've read of a strict remake called UFO: The Two Sides - from the screenshots it looks really nice, if anyone played it, then should tell if it's worth it.

You might also know it, but it still need saying, that UFO wasn't a fully original game - it's most famous part, the combat system, was taken from an earlier game called Laser Squad.

Laser Squad could be called the mother of all tactical games, since it had two very famous lines of descendants, one being the UFO franchise, the other - Sabre Team and then Jagged Alliance.

One of the interesting facts about UFO was that most of in-game messages and texts were written in a readable file, so translating the game into your language was really easy, and not even too tiresome (it took me one evening I think and it worked)

The looks of UFO:

And thus this quick post ends, I'm totally out of time today, so visiting all your blogs will have to wait for some hours, maybe even till tomorrow.


  1. I just learned some history..haha thanks!

  2. loved UFO! I spent many hours of my life with this game (and the second part, terror from the deep). Will check the others you mention

  3. I've never heard of this game. I must be a newb.

  4. not the big fan of this kind of game