Tuesday, March 1, 2011


   After my father got a decent 486 with vga graphics (finally! it was around 1994 I think) I would sometimes find new games there. Shortly thereafter he dropped games (not instantly, but eventually succesfully), but during the said time I once found a folder called Warlords 2. I figured out how to start the game, but at first didn't get the concept. It was my first turn-based strategy.

    Later on I learned everything about it and for about a year I considered it the best game of all, until I got acquainted with other turn-based strategy games, which became my favourite genre of all times. Apart from having the perfect balance between narrations and thinking, they offered effective multiplayer with just one computer ('hot seat' as it was later named in heroes of might and magic). But sometimes we (me and my friends) would just play the single player mode: one being the high commander (actually playing), others nominated advisors or rulers of some parts of land.

   So what I'm reminiscing here is not only a great game, but also a checkpoint in the transformation from a world kids come out and play to the world kids connect via internet and play.
   And of course I'm reminiscing my youth because we all do.

Here's how Warlords 2 looked:

And also to explain what I meant earlier:


  1. Warlords 2 was such a kickass game. I think it'd be fun to buy old computers and play through everything again. Largely impractical, though.